Custom Research Services

PQ Media provides custom market analysis on both alternative and traditional media-related subjects that require detailed research, examination and interpretation of various data, trends and forecasts. Drawing upon our proprietary international databases, industry contacts, and broad-based experience, PQM delivers exclusive reports and client presentations with actionable business intelligence that is tailored to a client's needs and specifications.

Alternative Media Segments

PQ Media provides custom alternative advertising and marketing analysis on Alternative Advertising and Alternative Marketing.

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Traditional Media Segments

PQ Media delivers custom analysis on traditional media segments on Advertising & Marketing and End-User Spending

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Strategic Consulting

PQ Media (PQM) offers a variety of consulting services related to the media, communications and information industries. The firm's principals and analysts have professional experience in each key segment of the media industry, from entertainment and broadcasting to the Internet and print publishing. As a result, PQM is able to offer its clients a myriad of consulting services not available elsewhere.

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Custom Media Brief

The Custom Media Brief (CMB) is a service through which PQM will prepare a brief but in-depth written or oral analysis on one or more current media or entertainment issues. PQM utilizes its proprietary worldwide databases to research and develop its unique CMB reports quickly at a reasonable rate.

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Instant Media Analysis

The Instant Media Analysis (IMA) is a service whereby PQM will respond to a short telephone or e-mail inquiry related to media or entertainment. PQM offers the IMA in two forms: 1. as a periodic subscription service; or 2. on a single inquiry basis. The IMA is limited to data and brief explanations only. Any question requiring more detailed and complex analysis will be treated as a CMB (see above).

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New Report

China Media & Technology Outlook 2014

In response to subscriber demand for country-specific drill-down analyses, PQ Media has released the first title in a new multi-report series providing in-depth strategic intelligence covering the state of digital, alternative and traditional media and technology in key emerging markets worldwide.

The first report in the series - China Media & Technology Outlook 2014 - examines the key growth drivers and challenges that lay ahead for Asia's major economic growth engine. Following a decade of blistering economic growth, China's media and tech industry began to cool off in the second half of 2012, due to lower demand from its largest foreign markets, many of which have been scrambling to build some momentum after a particularly long recession and a slow recovery that still has executives and economists tentative about the growth outlook for 2014-15, especially in the world's largest developing economy, where financial, credit and real estate variables loom large this year.