Our Portfolio of Custom Consulting Services

Due to global marketplace demand, we broadened and deepened our analysis of emerging media through the lens of PQ Medianomics™. As a result, we developed a broader portfolio of custom consulting services to meet the growing needs of our clients. In addition, we continue to expand our library of primary research reports on emerging media, which have received global recognition.

In working with clients to develop and deliver custom consulting services, PQ Media starts with our proprietary econometrics system of databases, opinion leader panels, algorithms and methodologies. Our system gathers, analyzes and synthesizes data on key industry drivers – demographic, psychographic, economic and technological, among others (see About). The result has been consistently accurate forecasts regarding industry revenue, spending, growth and consumption patterns worldwide in an era of great reset in the media economy, accelerating transformation and massive restructuring of the traditional advertising and marketing ecosystem.

Our Core Consulting Competencies:

  • Emerging Media & Markets (size, structure, history, forecast)
  • Forecasts (spending & consumption)
  • Due Diligence (company profiles/competitive landscape)
  • Scenario Development (proactive "what if" planning)
  • Growth Sector Identification (investment and expansion opportunities)
  • Market Share Analysis (growth/expansion recommendations)
  • Research Protocols (planning, measurement, development & execution)
  • End-user Perception Research (qualitative/quantitative)
  • Project Management (all types related to media, entertainment & communications)

PQ Media is "one of the most respected researchers tracking the economics of media."

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Strategic Consulting: Actionable Business Intelligence

PQ Media's strategic consulting services cover a broad spectrum and have evolved to meet the changing needs of our clients. If you share any of these needs, please see the contact information below to schedule a needs assessment.

  • Go-to-market strategy development & analytics by country and region
  • Comprehensive view & assessment of shifting media landscape & emerging media
  • Accurate growth trends & perspective on measured & unmeasured media
  • Economic realities of traditional & digital media in the evolving media ecosystem
  • Local media ad sales spending trends & forecasts
  • Benchmark company performance against industry sector, segment & GDP growth
  • Track & anticipate changes in consumer & business media behavior & consumption
  • Determine size & growth of industry sectors, segments & sub-segments
  • Determine size & growth of revenue stream sectors, segments & sub-segments
  • Identify industry segments & operators for expansion & asset investments
  • Integrate industry data sets with company proprietary data
  • New business development & business model insights & recommendations
  • Guidance to align operating budgets & staffing needs with marketplace realities

Client deliverables for these services, which could include Word or PDF reports, Excel workbooks, PowerPoint decks or a combination thereof, typically require more than two weeks to several months to complete. Projects can be executed in phases with preliminary data delivered first, followed by more comprehensive modeling and econometrics in later phases. Fees depend upon project scope, schedule, deadlines and deliverables.

Strategic Consulting: Industry/Segment Briefs & Drill-downs

PQ Media briefs and drill-downs address specific client data needs. The possibilities are endless, but here are just a few examples of recent client briefs and drill-down requests:

  • Cross-platform analysis by selected media segment or sub-segment
  • Ad spend by sector, segment and sub-segment
  • Growth potential of anywhere, anytime digital media
  • Usage of traditional media vs. anywhere, anytime media
  • Emerging media adoption rates across the entire media landscape

Client deliverables for these services typically require one to two weeks to develop and take the form of concise 3-10 page Word or PDF reports, Excel workbooks and/or PowerPoint decks. Fees depend upon engagement scope, schedule, deadlines and deliverables.

Strategic Consulting: Custom Phone Consults

Constant change in an emerging and splintering media landscape creates confusion and uncertainty in the decision-making process. Now you can pick up the phone and get actionable strategic intelligence in a clear, frank and concise phone consultation.

  • Independent and unbiased single-topic insight and perspective with 24-hour notice
  • Independent and unbiased state-of-the-industry validation to support company expansions and M&A asset investments

These services are conducted via phone or WebEx by experienced and knowledgeable PQ Media analysts or executives. We'll discuss key trends and drivers impacting media, entertainment and/or communications industries including, but not limited to, spending and media usage trends, and competitive landscape and emerging media and markets. Phone consults can be conducted individually or with multiple listeners.

Educational Consulting: In-House Seminars & External Webinars

If you're looking to get the entire team up to speed and on the same wave length, consider a PQ Media in-house seminar or external webinar. Team breakfasts and lunch & learns are conducted as half-day or full-day seminars developed for specific audience needs. Past in-house seminars have included analyses of the local advertising competitive landscape for new hires and emerging media trends for current executives. Webinars offer the opportunity to include multiple participants in various locations.

Educational Consulting: Phone & Intercept Perception Surveys

If you need to know what the marketplace really thinks about your company, network, brand or sales team's performance, a PQ Media phone or intercept perception survey may be the right solution. We've conducted numerous phone and online surveys of end-users and prospects on specific topics, such as sales team reputation and relationships, agency and brand perceptions, which have been conducted with media operators, agencies and brands. We have also developed and executed consumer intercept studies at point-of-purchase locations to ascertain opportunity-to-see, ad recall and purchase intent. We believe you'll find the value and fee for a PQ Media custom survey to be quite competitive and flexible relative to other research and consulting firms.

Alternative Media Series & Historical Alternative Media Database

When industry stakeholders need high-quality, unbiased and actionable strategic intelligence on advertising spending and media usage trends in emerging media segments they turn to PQ Media's best-in-class predictive data, analytics and forecasts. We were the first to define, structure, size and forecast emerging media segments such as digital out-of-home advertising, product placement in media, event marketing, mobile and social media advertising, and word-of-mouth marketing, among others. The PQ Media Historical Alternative Media Database provides the only historical operator revenue/end-user spending database recalibrated annually to maintain accuracy and to include new media as they emerge and grow (see Research Reports).

Data & Report Licensing

PQ Media data and reports are regularly licensed by media stakeholders to satisfy specific business needs.

  • Media Operating Companies – to support ongoing prospecting, marketing and sales initiatives, and venture or private funding efforts
  • Venture Capital/Private Equity/Legal Firms – for use in raising start-up or expansion capital, M&A asset investments and due diligence
  • Management Consulting Firms – for use in client education and go-to-market strategy recommendations

Licensing of custom reports can be in full research report/forecast format or as white papers or e-newsletters on special topics. If you have a specific data licensing need, please see the contact information below to schedule a needs assessment.

PQ Media's Strategic Solutions:

If you believe PQ Media has the strategic solutions to help your organization achieve its growth objectives, please feel free to contact Patrick Quinn, President & CEO; Leo Kivijarv, Vice President/Marketing; or Gabriella Kallay, Director of Sales & Operations, at 203-569-9449 or

New Report

China Media & Technology Outlook 2014

In response to subscriber demand for country-specific drill-down analyses, PQ Media has released the first title in a new multi-report series providing in-depth strategic intelligence covering the state of digital, alternative and traditional media and technology in key emerging markets worldwide.

The first report in the series - China Media & Technology Outlook 2014 - examines the key growth drivers and challenges that lay ahead for Asia's major economic growth engine. Following a decade of blistering economic growth, China's media and tech industry began to cool off in the second half of 2012, due to lower demand from its largest foreign markets, many of which have been scrambling to build some momentum after a particularly long recession and a slow recovery that still has executives and economists tentative about the growth outlook for 2014-15, especially in the world's largest developing economy, where financial, credit and real estate variables loom large this year.