PQ Media's 3rd Annual
Global Media Intellicast Series 2015-19

World's Leading KPI Benchmark Series Providing the Only Holistic View of the Epic Transformation Reshaping the Media & Technology Ecosystem

PQ Media's annual Global Media Intellicast (GMI) Series is a three-report market intelligence suite designed to work sequentially and synergistically to provide end users with a holistic view of the epic transformation reshaping the global media, entertainment and technology ecosystem. The GMI Series has become the industry's trusted strategic planning solution as evidenced by the blue-chip list of operating companies, management consultants, financial institutions, advertising agencies and brand marketers that subscribe to the only credible, consistent and actionable data and analytics examining the worldwide media economy.

PQ Media analysts use a proprietary econometric methodology to track, analyze and forecast three key performance indicators (KPI's), each of which serves as the focus of a report in the GMI Series: 1) Operating Company Revenues & Growth; 2) Consumer Media Usage & Exposure; and 3) Consumer Spending on Media Content, Access & Technology. KPI's are tracked consistently by region, country, sector, platform, channel, technology and generation through exclusive research spanning over 100 digital and traditional media.

Each of the three reports in the GMI Series drills deep into the influential Top 15 Global Markets, including the United States and Brazil in the Americas; the United Kingdom and Russia in Europe; and China and Australia in Asia-Pacific, among others. And each report package covers the 2009-19 period, including 2009-14 historicals, 2015 year-end estimates, and 2016-19 forecasts. Other key value-adds delivered in the new edition of the GMI Series include:

  • User-friendly core report in PowerPoint for easy comparisons, internal reporting & presentations;
  • Deep-dive Excel Databook with hundreds of consistent datasets, market-specific insights, and 5-year projections across all 4 major regions, Top 15 Global Markets, and the "Rest of" each region;
  • US & Global market rankings, tracking, analyses and size & growth forecasts, as well as key growth drivers & trends; and emerging opportunities & challenges in 2016 and beyond;

Report Descriptions | Site License Options | Pricing Tiers

Brief descriptions follow of the three standalone titles included in the new edition of the GMI Series, with the most current content details and pricing options. Also included are links to each report's dedicated landing page, where you can download free executive summaries (including table of contents), sample datasets, and the official press releases:

Global Advertising & Marketing Revenue Forecast 2015-19 - Examines digital, alternative & traditional media operator revenues worldwide for the 2009-19 period, with deep dives into the Top 15 Global Markets, including the US, broken down by the advertising and marketing sectors; 9 media platforms in those two sectors; and 40 media channels. Comparison data covering 11 traditional media platforms are included to provide the broad perspective and to foster easy comparison analyses by market and platform;

Global Consumer Media Usage & Exposure Forecast 2015-19 - Delivers in-depth strategic intelligence on consumer time spent with media worldwide from 2009 through 2019 with exclusive drill-down analyses and value-add Excel Databook to deliver a heavy cache of PQ's "intellidata" across the Top 15 Global Markets by 3 broad digital platforms, 22 digimedia channels, and all 5 cultural generations (e.g., Gen-X, Millennials). Also included are data on 9 major traditional media platforms for comparisons;

Global Consumer Spending on Media Content & Technology Forecast 2015-19 - Covers consumer spending on subscriptions to digital media content, access, devices, software and related services. Data is broken down by 2 broad spending sectors, 5 digital media & technology categories and 28 segments. Also featured are end-user spending data on 4 traditional media categories and 14 traditional media segments for comparisons.

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Global Media Intellicast Series 2015-19 | End-User License Options & Fees

  • Standalone Report | Single-User License: $2,995*
  • Standalone Report | Multi-User License: 3,995
  • 3-Report Series Bundle | Unlimited Multi-User License: $9,995**

(Save $2,000 compared to purchasing 3 multi-user licenses - 1 for each report)

*All single-user licenses to Standalone Reports in the Series are available for purchase via PQ Media's website through the links provided above or at: To procure a multi-user license to a Standalone Report, please use the contact info below.

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