PQ Media Releases 5th Annual Edition of

Global Consumer Spending on Media Content & Technology Forecast 2017-21

Annual KPI Benchmark Delivering Comprehensive, Consistent & Actionable US & Global Market Data Analyzing Consumer Spending on Digital & Traditional Media Content & Technology

PQ Media’s Global Consumer Spending on Media Content & Technology Forecast 2017-21 is the third and final report in the new edition of our annual Global Media & Technology Series, a three-report bundle designed so each report works both individually and collectively as part of the Series to deliver the only consistent, comprehensive and in-depth view of the entire consumer-facing media economy.

The Global Consumer Spending on Media Content & Technology Forecast 2017-21 delivers exclusive data, analyses and projections with consistent KPI benchmarks spanning all 4 major global regions; Top 20 Media Markets; 2 broad media spending sectors (consumer content and consumer technology); 5 overall media spending segments (content unit purchases, content subscriptions, access, devices and software); and 28 digital and 14 traditional media categories. The new report examines the entire 2011-21 period, delivering nearly 350 exclusive datagraphs and over 100 pages of primary analysis, as well as a deep-dive Companion Excel Databook that provides thousands of market-specific datasets and datapoints.

Global consumer spending on media content & technology grew 8% to $1.6 trillion in 2016 and was pacing for similar growth in 2017, as surging demand for digital media content and lower price hikes for new mobile devices, high-speed access and related data plans are helping to bring the digital media transformation to the growing middle class, lower-income regions and rural communities worldwide, according to PQ Media.

Big government investments in new and upgraded online, mobile and telecom systems, spanning multiple markets in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia, where a whole new world of opportunities – from previously unavailable Wi-Fi internet access to the accelerated rollout of Smart Cities initiatives in key emerging markets and major developed nations worldwide – from India and China to Australia and the US.

In addition, digital penetration rates are gradually reaching saturation levels due to a more competitive global marketplace in which major mobile device makers and online access providers are lowering prices to convince their consumer base that mobile devices, high-speed access and digital media content are no longer nice-to-have standalone products – they have become must-have bundles for consumers and businesses.

Original market research delivered through the latest PQ Media Forecast is designed to equip today’s media & technology company executives, management consultants, investment professionals and ad agencies with critical strategic intelligence you need to make smarter, faster business decisions amid the transforming media ecosystem. PQ Media’s exclusive tracking, analyses and projections cover the waterfront of consumer spending on digital, traditional and hybrid media content, access, smart technology, software and other related services.

Other key features of the new PQ Media Forecast include:

  • Exclusive Data, Analytics & Forecasts by Region, Market, Sector, Segment, Silo & Category
  • 4 Regions & 20 Largest Media Markets
  • Spending Definitions & Segmentation
  • 2 Media Spending Sectors
    • Consumer Content
    • Consumer Technology
  • 2 Media Spending Sectors
    • Content Unit Purchases
    • Content Subscriptions
    • Access
    • Devices
    • Software & Services
  • 28 Digital Media Spending Categories
  • 14 Traditional Media Spending Categories
  • 11 Media Silos with Combined Digital & Traditional Consumer Spend
  • At-a-Glance Media Content & Technology Market Rankings by:
    • Total Spending & Growth
    • Annual Per Capita Spend
    • Digital vs. Traditional Share of Total Global Consumer Spend on Media
  • 2011-16 YE Estimates
  • 2017-21 Forecasts
  • 503 PowerPoint slides with 340 Tables & Graphs
  • 111 Pages of Analysis
  • Companion Excel Workbook includes 149 Tabs, detailed datasets by sector, market, segment, and category totaling over 86,600 data points;

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