Consumer Exposure to Digital Out-of-Home Media Worldwide 2014


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New Global Market Report Uses Cutting-Edge DOOH Exposure Index to Provide Industry Stakeholders with Strategic Intelligence Based on Consistent Methodology Worldwide for Accurate Comparison of DOOH Exposure with Seven Other Ad-Based Media by Country

Consumers worldwide are increasingly accessing media outside the home and, as a result, brands need to determine the most efficient way to reach and engage the on-the-go, always-connected consumer with targeted messages. While time spent with most traditional media continues to decline, consumer exposure to digital out-of-home (DOOH) media is experiencing rapid growth around the world. Until now, however, no consistent methodology, time series or datasets comparing global markets have been available. This innovative new report will help DOOH operators to better explain consumer exposure levels to their brand and agency clients, how much they have grown during the past five years and their forecast trajectory over the next five years. Industry stakeholders for the first time will be empowered to compare DOOH exposure consistently alongside traditional OOH, overall advertising, GDP and consumer time spent with seven competing ad media, including broadcast, print and internet.

The new PQ Media report is the first definitive guide with tables that show how growth in consumer exposure to DOOH media is tracking globally and forecast to grow in relation to DOOH operator revenues. These data will enable DOOH companies to ascertain whether brands and agencies understand that average weekly DOOH exposure is rising at faster rates than all other ad-based media except mobile in 12 of the Top 15 Global Markets tracked. The report also includes a country-by-country graphical historical and forecast index covering the 15 leading markets through a variety of comparisons, such as DOOH exposure growth versus: DOOH revenue growth; traditional OOH exposure & revenue growth; overall advertising exposure & revenue growth; and country-specific GDP growth.

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Single Seat License: $1,295
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