China Media & Technology Outlook 2014
PQ Media's Emerging Market Intelligence Series (Volume I)


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In response to subscriber demand for country-specific drill-down analyses, PQ Media has released the first title in a new multi-report series providing in-depth strategic intelligence covering the state of digital, alternative and traditional media and technology in key emerging markets worldwide. PQ Media's Emerging Market Intelligence Series delivers exclusive data and insights from high-growth markets in Asia-Pacific, The Americas, and Europe, consistently organized by country, sector, platform, technology and social generation, spanning a decade with historical results from 2007-12 and detailed projections for the 2013-17 period.

PQ Media's Emerging Market Intelligence Series tracks more than 100 digital and traditional media platforms and channels across nearly a dozen critical high-growth markets, including China, Brazil, India and Russia, among others. Our comprehensive findings are data-rich and form the foundation of essential media business intelligence, as the reports are designed to be synergistic and consistent as far as methodology, definitions, segmentation, datasets, time series and a unique multi-lens perspective on each market based on the industry's vital growth indicators: media operator revenues, consumer time spent with media and consumer spending on media content and technology.

The first report in the series - China Media & Technology Outlook 2014 - examines the key growth drivers and challenges that lay ahead for Asia's major economic growth engine. Following a decade of blistering economic growth, China's media and tech industry began to cool off in the second half of 2012, due to lower demand from its largest foreign markets, many of which have been scrambling to build some momentum after a particularly long recession and a slow recovery that still has executives and economists tentative about the growth outlook for 2014-15, especially in the world's largest developing economy, where financial, credit and real estate variables loom large this year.

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Single Seat License: $995
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