About PQ Media

Who We Are & What We Do

PQ Media was founded in January 2003 by Patrick Quinn, following a distinguished career as an award-winning media, entertainment and communications journalist, research analyst, and strategic management consultant. Mr. Quinn's vision was to unite his background in strategic consulting, market research and publishing with similarly experienced management and research teams to create a best-in-class econometric system, which would provide clients with the most comprehensive, in-depth, unbiased and cost-effective data, analysis, insights and forecasts available. PQ Media's ultimate goal then and now is to help drive our clients' growth objectives through actionable custom consulting services and research reports.

Since 2003, PQ Media has grown into the leading provider of global media econometrics and pioneer of emerging media research. PQ Media's proprietary research methodology and modeling system delivers the most comprehensive and actionable strategic intelligence to executives in the global media, entertainment and communications industries. The firm's well-respected and deeply experienced management and research teams (see Executive Team) deliver custom consulting services and research reports that influence strategic plans, investment parameters and tactical approaches for leading media and entertainment companies, financial institutions, management consultants, media agencies and brands worldwide.

"Simply the best piece of research published in the last few years."


In addition, PQM's principals are highly sought-after speakers at major industry events and respected sources of market insights for leading news outlets, such as Advertising Age, BBC, CNBC, CNN, Financial Times, MediaWeek, MediaPost, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today, among others.

How We Do It: PQ Medianomics™

PQ Media's proprietary and proven econometric system – PQ Medianomics™ – utilizes algorithmic models, data collection techniques and analytical approaches to track, analyze and forecast spending, growth, consumption and trends across all 15 digital media platforms and more than 50 different channels and categories of the global media, entertainment and communications industries. The system is driven by our proprietary SpendTrak™ and UsageTrak™ databases, as well as our exclusive Global Opinion Leader Panel™, which together layer the impact of key industry data and variables, such as economic, demographic, behavioral, technological and regulatory, with ground-level insights from key industry thought leaders worldwide.

PQ Media's econometric system is different from others. For example, we don't use published rate card data as the methodological foundation of our algorithms, modeling and forecasts. Our system differs from other sources in five key ways:

  1. We have strong relationships with key industry opinion leaders worldwide at leading media and entertainment companies, financial institutions, management consultants, ad agencies and brands. We interview and survey these top executives on a regular basis to accentuate our media spending and consumption databases with ground-level insights available nowhere else;
  2. Our breadth and depth of data and analysis on digital media is unrivaled, covering both advertising and marketing operator revenue sectors; both sectors of consumer spending on media & technology; as well as consumer media usage, in addition to 15 platforms and more than 50 channels and categories within these sectors;
  3. We operate the most comprehensive historical media spending, consumption and exposure databases in the world, spanning 35 years in the U.S. across all industry platforms and sub-channels, 15 years globally across all platforms, 100 years across all domestic advertising platforms, and more than 200 years of overall ad spend data;
  4. We're consistent in our methodology, historical tracking, and periodic recalibration of historical data as new media segments emerge and are added to our databases, in addition to operating an annual growth accuracy scorecard;
  5. The accuracy rate of PQ Media's spending and growth forecasts has been calculated at + or – 3% for more than a decade.

New Report

China Media & Technology Outlook 2014

In response to subscriber demand for country-specific drill-down analyses, PQ Media has released the first title in a new multi-report series providing in-depth strategic intelligence covering the state of digital, alternative and traditional media and technology in key emerging markets worldwide.

The first report in the series - China Media & Technology Outlook 2014 - examines the key growth drivers and challenges that lay ahead for Asia's major economic growth engine. Following a decade of blistering economic growth, China's media and tech industry began to cool off in the second half of 2012, due to lower demand from its largest foreign markets, many of which have been scrambling to build some momentum after a particularly long recession and a slow recovery that still has executives and economists tentative about the growth outlook for 2014-15, especially in the world's largest developing economy, where financial, credit and real estate variables loom large this year.