PQ Media and uberVU Release First Monthly Syndicated Report for Leading Brand Social Media Audience Measurement by Product Category

Top 100 Brands Ranked by uberVU Leading Social Brand Report™
Generate 10.6 Billion Impressions for July 2012

Coke, Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon Lead with 3.9 Billion
Social Media Brand Impressions

Stamford, CT, September 5, 2012 - PQ Media, a leader in emerging media research and analytics, and uberVU, a leading social marketing platform for real-time end-to-end social media audience measurement, have collaborated to release the first uberVU Leading Social Brand Report, the first industry report to provide monthly tracking of social media conversations for leading brands by product category. The report created and developed by PQ Media uses real-time uberVU data for the month of July to rank the Top 100 social brands and Top 10 product categories by social media impressions. According to uberVU data, 10.6 billion total social media brand impressions were generated by the Top 100 brands in July, with global media mentions split 44% U.S. and 56% Rest-of-World.

Top Ten Brands Dominate the Top 100 Leading Social Brands by a Wide Margin in July

In a global blow out, Coke was the #1 social media brand with 1.4 billion impressions outperforming #2 Apple by 719 million impressions. Coke social media mentions split 13% U.S. and 87% Rest-of-World, while Apple mentions split 28% U.S. and 72% RoW. Rounding out the remaining uberVU Top 10 Social Media Brands for July were one beverage (Sprite), one retailer (Amazon), three consumer technology brands (Google, Microsoft, Samsung), and three restaurants (Burger King, McDonalds, Starbucks).

uberVU Top 10 Social Media Brands
Rank Product Category July 2012
IMPs (000)
1 Coke Beverages 1,479,716
2 Apple Consumer Tech 761,162
3 Google Consumer Tech 606,805
4 Amazon Retail 555,513
5 Samsung Consumer Tech 469,327
6 Starbucks Restaurants 382,215
7 Burger King Restaurants 316,636
8 Sprite Beverages 302,821
9 Microsoft Consumer Tech 284,681
10 McDonald's Restaurants 271,572
Note: Data based on full month period
Source: PQ Media, uberVU

Three Product Categories Near Tied in July with Impressions Topping Two Billion

The Consumer Technology category edged out 1st place with 2.6 billion social media impressions, followed closely by Beverages with 2.5 billion, and Restaurants with 2.4 billion. Automakers, with more than 1 billion fewer impressions, took 4th place. Global media mentions varied for each of the Top 4 social media product categories, i.e. Consumer Technology U.S. 50%, RoW 50%; Beverages U.S. 34%, RoW 66%; Restaurants U.S. 45%, RoW 55%; Automakers U.S. 39%, RoW 61%.

uberVU Top 10 Brand Social Media Product Categories
Rank July 2012
IMPs (000)
1 Consumer Technology 2,603,275
2 Beverages 2,457,386
3 Restaurants 2,364,135
4 Automakers 972,262
5 Retail 850,152
6 Financial 696,384
7 Personal Care Products 451,315
8 Household Products 229,335
9 Insurance 67,401
10 Pharmaceuticals 22,666
Note: Data based on full month period
Source: PQ Media, uberVU

Top 10 Social Media Conversation Status Brands for July

In the new age of social media marketing driven by a tech-forward hyper-connected global universe of consumers, these ten leading social brands achieved #1 "conversation status" in their respective product categories for the month of July 2012.

Social Media Brand Product Categories #1 Brand by Category July 2012
IMPs (000)
Automakers Mercedes-Benz 235,318
Beverages Coke 1,479,716
Consumer Technology Apple 761,162
Financial Bank of America 219,728
Household Products Duracell 79,779
Insurance Geico 33,746
Personal Care Products Maybeline 120,036
Pharmaceuticals Lipitor 9,892
Restaurants Starbucks 382,215
Retail Amazon 565,513
Note: Data based on full month period
Source: PQ Media, uberVU

About the uberVU Leading Social Brand Report™

The uberVU Leading Social Brand Report is the first social media audience measurement report to provide executives with objective high-level month-on-month leading brand performance and competitive intelligence. Each month the report converts the big data of social media into KPI rankings and social media development indexes for the Top 10 product categories, the Top 10 brands within each category and the Top 100 brands. The report provides additional breakout perspective for each leading brand by share-of-voice, gender, sentiment and region of origin, U.S. vs. Rest-of-World.

About uberVU

uberVU (www.ubervu.com), founded in 2009, is a leading social marketing platform and real-time social media audience measurement service provider. uberVU services cover all 4 social media marketing value pillars: Monitoring, Analytics & Reporting, Engagement, Workflow, and has the only integrated dashboard of audience characteristics that can be deployed throughout multiple departments, functions and geographies. Thousands of companies use uberVU to easily integrate social media throughout their business processes, from managing brand reputation and dealing with customer service, to measuring the impact of their social media marketing campaigns.

About PQ Media

PQ Media (www.pqmedia.com) is a leading emerging media research consultancy and developed the uberVU Leading Social Brand Report™ in collaboration with uberVU. PQ Media provides unbiased actionable strategic media intelligence through a variety of consulting services and syndicated research reports to leading media companies, financial institutions, management consultants, media agencies and brands. The firm's reports and services have influenced client strategic plans, investment parameters and tactical approaches since 2003.

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